Being a volunteer at Wooden It be Lovely is a rewarding and fun experience. No experience needed! We learn from each other; everyone has gifts and talents to share. If you can't paint, there are a lot jobs that need done that don't require a paint brush. Many volunteers state that they often feel like the one being blessed, working side by side with each other is a gift. Volunteers are so helpful and assist tremendously with our labor costs. Come volunteer with us-- it will BE LOVELY.


Our Paint Schedule:

Tuesday: 1-5pm | Community Paint Night: 6-8pm

Wednesday: 1-5pm | Community Paint Night: 6-8pm

Thursday: 10am-2pm | Schedule a private party: 6-8pm



If attending a Community Paint Night on Tuesday or Wednesday, enter church through the door off of Illinois Street. The paint studio is located upstairs. 

To schedule a private party, call 217.546.4631 or send us an email at