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FALL-ing In Love Sale

FALL-ing In Love Sale

What an awesome day. We couldn't be happier about the turnout of our November 11th sale. It's always an amazing thing, to see the coming together of the WIBL Associates and Volunteers to produce such a successful event. None of this would be possible without the help of these volunteers and supporters before, during & after our sales, and for that we are forever grateful.

The art of lifting each other up is a mutual action, that everyone involved with Wooden It Be Lovely seems to understand and promote. We believe that is what makes this organization so rewarding and life changing: the idea that all parties involved gain encouragement and can learn from each other. It's truly incredible to see what happens when we stick together.

The sale was filled with a lot of fun, and so many supporters that found their dream piece of furniture. Thank you to Schroeder DJ Services for providing the music, making it a wonderful experience. Be sure to check out the photo gallery from the sale, with all of the pictures our photographers took. We will surely cherish these memories for a lifetime. 

Thank you again to everyone that helped, attended and worked at our sale. Words cant describe what your support means to us. 

Associate Spotlight: Christina

Associate Spotlight: Christina


Revisiting with Christina




I'm interviewing and working with our associate Christina, who's been at Wooden It Be Lovely for about four months. We introduced her in a previous post and wanted to give everyone a chance to get to know her a little better, read about her goals and what her experience has been like with WIBL. Anddd her birthday is this Saturday!

It's the middle of October, and the paint studio is in full swing, pre-sale production mode. Thursdays are our slowest day in the upstairs of DAUMC, but a few of the associates and a volunteer are still diligently painting, making sure to converse and enjoy each other's company along the way.

Christina is back and forth between the finished piece room and the paint studio, collaborating with our lead designer Megan to make decisions about which fabric patterns to use. I catch up with her in our "finished" room during the upholstering process, standing in front of her on a chair with my camera & studio lighting. She adjusts her sparkly hat, gets my confirmation that her hair looks perfect, secures her pink safely glasses and gets to work. Usually people are reluctant to have their picture taken. Even though an impromptu photoshoot probably didn't make her bucket list for the day, I can't tell. She's such a sport about the whole thing, pausing here & there so that I can get a good shot, smiling, keeping the conversation rolling and doing her job all at the same time. I'm thoroughly impressed with her great attitude & warm personality, making my task of photographing & interviewing a breeze.

WIBL: How long have you been at WIBL?

CHRISTINA: I think that I started in May.

W: How are you liking Wooden it be lovely, whats the best part about working there?

C: The people, you know...everybody's friendly. I love to upholster, that's my new favorite thing. I love to figure out new ideas we're gonna use for new projects, that we'll paint for the next sale. Overall the whole program.

W: The director told me that you want to go to LPN School, tell me about that:

C: RN or LPN, haven't decided yet. But Sarah my mentor is helping me fill out grant papers so that I can go back to school.

W: What are your goals for the next year? 

C: I'm working on getting back on my feet, and saving some money so that the kids and I can move into a nicer apartment or a house, and to continue to heal. 

A huge thanks to Christina for participating, and we're all wishing you the happiest of birthdays this year! You can see her and everything that she's been working on at our November 11th Fall-ing In Love Sale

Introducing: WIBL Bracelets for Love

Introducing: WIBL Bracelets for Love

WIBL bracelet

This summer, we have been working on a new project and we're excited to finally have the opportunity share some details with you. We wanted to add a product to our current lineup that would be super meaningful and a simple way for anyone to make a difference. We know that there are many who want to contribute, support or help out, but don't need furniture or don't have the time to volunteer. That's exactly why we designed our first ever piece of jewelry.

It is a small adjustable bracelet, that consists of two gold heart beads, and five painted wooden beads on a black leather cord. Each bead has a meaning, and we wove the purpose of the organization into the structure. The center wooden bead represents the hope we have in the future. The wooden beads on the sides represent strength to move forward. The two gold hearts represent our love for god and for each other. We wanted these to be a constant reminder of love, and the power that it has to change our lives and the lives of those around us. It can be worn any time, all the time, for whatever occasion. The package design and the message on the back makes it clear that the bracelet is there for a purpose, and that the contribution made has changed lives. Thank you for you constant support, we couldn't do it without you. So looking forward to the rest of what 2017 has in store. 

Stay tuned this week while we share some photos and hints on the places you'll be able to find them. Thirty of the pieces will be available for purchase first on our website this Friday, 9/29.